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season message

Welcome everyone! We've made it to our 4th season!!

Our success we owe to our partners in the arts, to our patrons; our community friends and family who will always have a place on our porch. We thank everyone who came to show us all their love and support.

This year, we offer a hilarious spit-fire of a show: 'California Suite' by Neil Simon. This fast-paced and meaningful comedy is a look into the lives of four travelling couples living through experiences they won't soon forget; and neither will you.

We wanted this new season to be a reflection on how far we've come as a community; what we've experienced together and even what may divide us or keep us from expressing ourselves.


The theatre is a beacon, I really believe, an opportunity to openly and safely express and communicate without carrying any judgment. Our stories on stage will always have the responsibility to live up to this opportunity. In an era where misinformation and intolerance are everywhere real communication is getting harder and harder to find. Humans are social in nature and the main objective of this company is simply to heal those wounds. We see you and we're glad you're here.

We'd like to take this moment to thank and announce  our new corporate sponsor and ticket retailer: 'Foodland'  for joining us in both feeding our hearts and our tummies.

See you all at the show!



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