season message

Welcome to Porchlight Theatre Company's very first production! The smash Canadian comedy “Opening Night” by Norm Foster was appropriately selected to be our first show and we're very much enjoying the rehearsal process with our performers. Every night has been a great night with lots of laughs all around.

'Opening Night' gives the audience a multitude of perspectives on how theatre comes to life. From the perspectives of the director, the actor, the usher and yes, even the audience, it's like shining light through a prism. It offers us the ability to present a variety of viewpoints.

Imagine taking your husband to the theatre instead of watching his beloved baseball game… imagine being a Director dealing with multiple conflicts all at once…. Imagine being a famous actor but never being selected for the next show….. This is only a few examples of what to expect.


Porchlight Theatre Company’s 1st season will most definitely be a hit!


Stay tuned for our next announcement, it's gonna be a great 1st season!