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Mr. Poirier is a professional performer with a Fine Arts degree from Ryerson Theatre School and is an Honours recipient in Film Performance from Humber College. Some of his professional theatre credits include Opening Night (Quebec Art Center, 2015), The Shoemaker and His Wife (Little Red Theatre, 2014-15), Projet Actif (Mixed Company Theatre, 2013-14), Starting Over (Bad Dog Theatre, 2012), Hometown (Blyth Theatre Festival, 2011), Twelfth Night (Ruckus Magazine, 2010). Some of his recent TV credits include V-Wars (Netflix Original Television, 2018), Carter (Sony Pictures Television, 2018). His Feature Film credits include Project Ithaca (Universal Pictures, 2018) and secured a principal role in acclaimed bilingual film Noel En Boite (Distinct Features & SandBay Entertainment, Inc.). He has been a producer on many successful productions and now spends his time coaching new performers and is the founder and Artistic Director of Porchlight Theatre Company.


Artistic Director

Chief Executive Officer


Tiffany is an avid theatre performer and singer since early childhood. She has a tremendous affinity for team spirit and has shown consumate leadership skills in the performing arts. She has held executive roles in largely successful small-scale theatrical productions such as producer, director and vocal director. She strives to surmount any challenge that may come her way with positivity and passion.



Executive Board Member


Bonny has been an important and indeed invaluable part of our theatrical community in the Greater Sudbury Area since she's assisted in various successful productions with Valley Community Theatre, Inc. several years ago. With her dedication to the technique of process, her undeniable curiosity and open heart for everyone involved, she quickly became stage manager and helped to deliver a sold out special New Years' Eve event directed by Mr. Poirier. She now has many shows under her belt and looks forward to many more with our company. A bright 'porchlight' that keeps guiding us home.



Executive Board Member

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